Why online shopping is not as great as you think!

So, you think you can get a better deal online? 

No problem, but consider this…. when you search for something online, your browser and hundreds of algorithms are watching, recording and evaluating what you look for.  So, search for a FIST, PUSSY, VAGINA, PENIS or TESTICLES? Your browser is deciding that you are looking for SEX.  Yup sex, and then you get a multitude of offers for pills to enlarge your junk, creams to make your bits tighter and offers for pretty girls to hook up with that are actually 60-year-old men in prison.

When you do decide to share your intimate desires and order what you think is some great product only to discover that the 4-inch-long silicone dildo you wanted is actually made of oriental silicone (what ever that is) and is 4 inches WIDE.

Or how about this:  It is 6 weeks until that important day and you need lingerie.  You order it online only to panic three days before the day looking at an empty mailbox. Or you do receive it only to find it would barely fit a four-year-old, is the wrong colour and has no zipper.

How can we help?  At Shadoe Intimates, you look at what you want, touch it, get great advice on the best products and leave today with your personal product in your hand, perfect fit, perfect product and no one the wiser.  Better to shop locally, be happy and safe, help our community survive, and not inadvertently appear in an on line anti-pedophile campaign. You never know!!!