What are the most common plaything deaths?

If you place your toys in a drawer and pile them all in, they might not like each other and try to meld together making a melted gooey mess. We recommend keeping the clam shell packaging or box that the toy comes in to store it safely forever.
Safe cleaning of your plaything is imperative. Regular soap breaks down latex but latex friendly soap does not and we have that too. Silicone toys can be washed with any soap. Glass toys can even be washed in the dishwasher. For love clone and UR3 toys sprinkle baby powder on them once they are dry to refresh them.
You can also kill your battery operated toy by using Duracell or other high end batteries. Our playthings recommend a 1.5 volt battery and the really expensive ones come out of the package at 2.1 or even higher voltage. This can burn out the tiny little motors in some playthings. We sell heavy duty batteries for all our playthings at very competitive prices. And those crazy little watch battery toys? We sell a 6 pack of those for only 2.99.
The last bit of advice is to remove the batteries between uses. If one bursts it might destroy an expensive plaything. Or better yet, rechargeable playthings are now very popular and we have a huge selection of those too.Shadoe Intimates IncShadoe Intimates Inc