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The Sticky and the Slick

Shadoe Intimates Inc

What’s the BIG difference Between Water Based and Silicone Lube? What the heck is oil based lube? Can I use massage oil as lube? Is Anal Lube any different from Regular Lube?

Lube is a wonderful thing and there are three kinds: Oil, water based and silicone. Oil based lubes tend to bead up when in contact with water and since a women’s natural fluids are most like water, they bead up all the time. They are also hard to wash off and are not safe with some toys. Water based lubes are wonderful and come in a variety of styles including glycerin free (attributed to yeast infections in some women). Water based lubes are safe for all playthings, are reinvigorated with just a bit of water and can be used by most people. Still read the ingredient list though because they are all a little different.

Silicone lubes are man-made and go on forever. However, silicone lubes cannot be used with silicone toys like the WE Vibe or Lelo but is can be used for a lot of other things besides sex: great for massages as it goes on forever, fixes squeaky doors, silences loud fan parts, feels great on hot days on sticky personal parts and no one on earth is allergic to it. So if you are reaching for a lube in the dark and want to play with your LELO or WE vibe, make sure you keep the water based lube close at hand.

At Shadoe Intimates Inc we carry the best available in water based and silicone lubes like O’My, Jo, ID Glyde, Pink, Hathor, Wet and the list goes on. Come on in and get the best advice at Shadoe Intimates Inc.
We do not carry anal lube that numbs! Why you ask? If you are numbing your anal area and something tears during your encounter you may not feel it and continue on as if nothing is wrong. You ARE dealing with feces and if something gets into the little tear, you could end up with a nasty infection. So, no numbing for our clients. Our main goal is safe sex.
We also do not carry any lubes that heat up. Adding heat to a hot spot makes just more heat and heat is the main cause of yeast infections. If you want a heating lube, find one at the pharmacy and right next to it is the anti-fungal cream you will need to fight the yeast infection, so pick up a bit of that too so you won’t have to drive back down with itchy privates.
Oh, and can I use olive, almond or walnut oil? Sure when you are making a salad! Some people swear by natural oils but they can cause some of the same issues like blockages of those natural lubricating producers.