The Nose Knows!

Pnaseheromones work in mysterious ways. A friend of mine told me that when she was single that she did not masturbate. Unlike her however that is when did most often and when I did, that is when I met men. Why? Pheromones. They don’t know why they are attracted to someone but if you just finished exuding all those pheromones during masturbation, they just waft over the opposite sex and they WANT YOU.
Personal Example: I come home from work, and he is sitting with a grin on the sofa in the ugliest sweats, swigging back a coke, unshaven and watching the game and I WANT HIM. You guessed it, he was bored and took care of things while I was away and I could not keep my hands off him when I stepped in the door.
Don’t know how it works but there are articles that will tell you more if you care to Google them. Just remember that it does indeed work. So: single? Want someone in your life? Improve your chances: Masturbate Often.