The Best Playthings!

What is the best plaything in our store? Great question and one we hear all the time. So, the short answer is…. The one that gets the job do FOR YOU!
How do we help you find the perfect plaything? We LISTEN! No hard sell, no pushing a particular item, no commission sales, no pressure AT ALL! We want you to leave happy and if that means just some information to take home and mull over, that is what you will get. And you will get it with a smile, understanding and with the utmost discretion. So, if you have found a wonderful new product and you would like it brought in, we can do that. If you found a great product and we have tested it and think it is horrid, we will tell you. Our goal is, and always will be, your satisfaction: in the store and with your new plaything.
Kim, Victoria and Jami love working here. We are here for YOU and we appreciate your business. We want you to love spending time here too. We have been doing this for over 12 years so we must be doing something right but let us know if we can be better though: we are always willing to learn!