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Men, in three steps!


Mystery man?

We learn nothing about men in school. Our dads did not want us to know about sex. They remember what they were trying to do every minute of every day. Hey, they are just men. They come in handy for a lot of things and you can replace them with a dildo, but nothing beats sweat, spit and semen. We can do without out them, but who wants to really?

Three ways to understand a man better: What are men are really thinking about? And boy will you be surprised, it is not always about boobs…… sometimes it is about cars, fishing and motorcycles. Find out and connect!

The second is his confidence. If he is confident and secure in his skin, he will be more attractive to the opposite sex, no matter what he looks like.

And the third is where are his eyes straying?  Your feet: he might be embarrassed. Over your shoulder: he is just not that into you. Your eyes: game on.

But seriously, if you can learn a thing or two about the guy if you pay attention. After all is said and done you will be better able to have YOUR needs met.