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Stuff Men Should Know!

There should be a class in school called Women 101 and it should be a mandatory course. In this section, you will find the current curriculum if I was to be your professor. Just call me Dr. Kim but my PHD stands for Piled Higher and Deeper. Remember, I am not a doctor or a psychologist; this is just stuff I have learned and want to share with your poor sods so you don’t get yelled at for bringing home that big purple dildo. The main thing to remember is that it is always about the woman, and while you do matter, if you make her happy, you will be happier too. She might even bake you cookies!!!!
Disclaimer: Again, I am NOT a doctor. This is just my research. Do your own and learn. And no, porn is not learning, it is only entertainment!

How to make it Better for a Woman (in my opinion!)
Sometimes it takes a women longer to reach an orgasm than it does for a man. We are just built differently and our sensitive parts need different stimulation.
Sex is not just penetration. If a couple takes the time to enjoy foreplay prior to the actual experience, love making is more enjoyable and the female will likely enjoy orgasm sooner. Simultaneous orgasm is delightful but often the stress of timing can get in the way. Rather than focusing on the how long it is taking or how long you can last, concentrate on your partners delight. Take the time for oral play. Touch, kiss and fondle. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject. Grab one next time you are in Shadoe Intimates and read out loud to each other. Another form of foreplay.
Delaying his orgasm to be more in time with yours can be achieved using any of the following methods. Bringing him close to orgasm and then slowing down or stopping movement all together before he ejaculates while he pays attention to how each of these movements feels will help him train himself to have better control of his orgasmic experience. Many men are more sensitive especially if they have kept their penises tucked up in tight undies most of their lives. Touching, kissing and holding his penis will make him less sensitive. Alternately, by pressing at the base of his penis for several seconds you can delay his orgasm.
Clear the room of distractions. Make lovemaking fun but if you need to plan it around family or other obligations, make it a DATE. When was the last time you took your partner out on an actual date? Ring the doorbell with flowers in your hand and see how far you get down the drive……..
The most important advice I have ever given to my customers is to communicate. Talk, touch, and most importantly LISTEN.
Remember, sex is not just in the bedroom. Keep the flames kindled all the time. A touch while your partner is grinding the coffee in the morning could lead to the best moments in your relationship.coffe cup
Talk to each other about what you like and what you don’t like. If you like making love in the great outdoors, go camping but take a comfortable air mattress along. Nothing spoils fun like a rock in the small of your back. Pain can be a good thing but that is a different topic. If you are bear skin rug in front of the fireplace, tell each other. Don’t guess. Ask. And again, listen to what your partner’s body language is saying. When they say, “Sure, I love having sex in public!” whist crossing themselves and staring at the clouds waiting for a savior, you can kind of kybosh the voyeurism. With two consenting adults you can be very creative. Books like “The Joy of Sex” and “52 Weeks of Romance” can give you great ideas to keep the fires burning. Both are available at Shadoe Intimates Inc.

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