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Sex and Pregnancy

When and how can you make love during pregnancy?
If the pregnancy is proceeding without any problems, there is no reason to stop making love.

molumen-pregnancy-silhouet-1Libido and pregnancy
A woman’s libido may increase during pregnancy: her oestrogen levels rise and blood flow to breasts and genitals is increased. During the first 2 or 3 months however, frequent nausea as well as psychological factors may diminish a woman’s libido. It may rise again between the third and the sixth months. Towards the end, libido may diminish again, as sexual intercourse becomes uncomfortable. However, roughly one third of couples continue to make love up to the last few weeks.

Recommended positions:
There is no need to change your habits during the first months of pregnancy. But certain positions like the missionary position, where the man’s full weight pushes against the woman’s belly, may become uncomfortable as early as the fourth month. This becomes an opportunity to try something else! The woman may lie on her partner, with her legs between his thighs.

The “doggy position” (she is on all fours and he penetrates her from behind) requires little effort. It is advised both for the tired man and for the pregnant woman, and is often very exciting for the man. In this position, he can stimulate his partner’s erogenous zones and her G-Spot.
The variant of this position, where both partners are lying on their side, is even more comfortable: all the woman has to do is to raise her knees a little to facilitate the penetration from behind. And the man can easily caress her breasts and her clitoris.

Andromache’s position, (where the woman sits astride the man), allows her to control the depth of penetration. Moreover, several variations can be made to the missionary position which avoid the pressure of the man’s weight on the woman’s belly and breasts: if he holds himself up by his arms, he can prevent his torso from pressing down on her.
Or, in a variation which is less tiring for him, and just as comfortable for her, she can lie at the edge of the bed with her feet on the ground, while he kneels at the foot of the bed, between her thighs. And after childbirth, the couple can come back to some of these positions for a little variety!

Alternatives: sexual intercourse without penetration
If complete intercourse nevertheless still becomes too uncomfortable towards the end of the pregnancy, you could still have oral sex, reciprocal masturbation, or sensual massages.
The latter will help relieve the pains and stiffness which pregnant women may feel. The man can also suck his partner’s nipples, not only to give her pleasure but also to prepare her nipples for breast-feeding.

Medical contraindications
If you have previously had a miscarriage, ask your doctor if sexual intercourse is still OK, particularly during the first three months. He will probably tell you to avoid deep penetration, and to stop altogether if you show any signs which indicate a risk of miscarriage: bleeding in the first weeks of your pregnancy, or repeated cramps in your lower abdomen at some time during the first 6 months.

Also beware that the uterine contractions which accompany orgasm may sometimes trigger a miscarriage. In the second trimester of pregnancy, cramps and bleeding may indicate placenta problems: penetration and orgasms should be avoided. If cramps appear during the third trimester, it may be a sign of premature labour. If your waters break cease all sexual activity, and consult your doctor immediately.

Though it is rare, there are some instances when your doctor may advise against having sex during pregnancy… if, for example:you have a history of premature birth or labour; your water has broken; you are bleeding; you have placenta previa, a condition in which part of the placenta covers the cervix; you or your partner has a sexually transmitted infection. Please follow your physicians advice.