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Safe Sex

I can never say enough about having safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent now than ever before. So many of my customers tell me that they don’t use condoms because “that doesn’t happen to people my age” or “I am only sleeping with one person” Well, guess what? Anyone can contract a sexually transmitted disease and you may only be sleeping with one person but you are actually sleeping with EVERY person that that person has ever slept with.

Testing in Canada is free. You need only go to your doctor and ask. Once you are both considered clear (don’t take their word for it – look at the report) and YOU are monogamous (that means just ONE partner) and you are absolutely certain that THEY are monogamous (still one partner dude) can you even consider condom free sex. That covers the disease part, not the pregnancy part.
To prevent pregnancy, use a condom. They are not 100% but if used correctly, you should not find yourself in the family way. If you are monogamous partners, you can use any prescribed method of birth control you receive from your doctor. The ONLY sure way of avoiding pregnancy is celibacy. Not much fun, but neither is raising an unwanted child. Sex used be fun and worry free but not any more. Wrap it up.
The pill is only a contraceptive not a deterrent for disease transmission. Again, wrap it up.

Just a wee tidbit: A condom will fit over any vegetable including a watermelon. DID YOU KNOW? So a large condom may be more comfortable but not needed unless you are a giant. If you are not giant sized it may slip off during the act and then you could get sick or she could get pregnant and then you will have a giant problem.