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Pulse: A must read for women

kjano-pulseHere’s my theory: if you want to make a woman orgasm faster, try taking her pulse. Perhaps an explanation is in order. It all started with the back massagers sold on the last page of magazines. You know the one: the long white thing that took three c cell batteries. It was ostensibly sold to relieve tension. Ya right. Of course it relieved tension. Every woman out there knew that placing it just so would remove them from the planet earth for a few moments and take them on a journey of pleasure and release. Since the first discovery that vibration assisted in the speed of an orgasm, women, scientists and simple horny folk have been searching for the bigger better vibrator. The search for a tool that would stimulate and prolong the female orgasm beyond the fleeting satisfaction of the norm has taken us beyond curiosity. It has become an entire industry. Research and development in companies like Doc Johnson, California Exotic. Standard Innovation, LELO and Topco extends into the millions. Vibrators no longer just vibrate. The wiggle, they twist, they heat up, light up and pulse. They PULSE for a reason. They have variable speeds for a reason too.
And here is why: the pulse of this article and the discovery I made one night with my man. We had been sleeping together for about two weeks and that night he had his fingers on my wrist. I didn’t question. I just went with it. He seemed to know what he was doing before so why not take a chance. Our love making took a turn for the better that night. My orgasm was stronger, longer and more intense. In fact, it did not stop for about forty minutes. After I began breathing again and could speak, I asked him what he did. He said, I just took your pulse. “And??????”, I asked. His response was: I just matched my thrust to your pulse. It was that simple. If you can match the thrust with the pulse, you can make a woman come faster and longer. So I put to the test. We kept doing it. Poor me. I kept coming and coming. It was longer and longer each time. Then he told me about the magic little kicker. He matched his pulse to mine and no longer has to hold my wrist. That one is trickier and you need a man that can control his breathing and his heart rate. But lucky me, he just pushes and shoves and thrusts to the beat of his own heart and my body responds. As our love making heats up, our pulses quicken and so does he. I am in heaven.
Unfortunately, not everyone has a man that can do this so I took it to the next level and tried it with vibrators. I tried all kinds: ones with variable speeds, variable intensities and pulses and rhythms. I found a really great one about the same size as he is, made of cyber skin and with a very low setting. Wow. As I got into it, I turned it up and wow again.
Being the simple creature that I am, I figured that what works for me, should work for everyone else. WRONG. Everyone has different heart rates. So, lower the pulse of the vibrator to match the blood flowing through your veins and VOILA. Off we go, into the land of coming and going and everything in between. Some vibrators have very high settings but most start off very low. That is where you start. You start low. And to make things really interesting, as your breathing quickens and your pulse goes up, so should the vibrations. The latest experiments have included, but are not limited to the Lelo, We Vibes, California Exotic and the list goes on. These little goodies have variable settings and intensities with waves, surges and escalations. They can match any heart beat and raise you a tick or two at the same time
There is a huge drawback to all this though. With the knowledge of how to get myself off faster, I come in about 7 seconds. That is seven little beats of my heart. The good part is that I can keep myself in la la land for about 30 minutes if I want to. And I want to.
There are amazing machines out there. Climb on and test my theory. Cheers, Kim

Disclaimer: Again, I am NOT a doctor. This is my opinion and research.