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Penis Pumps

For Erectile Dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction or difficulty in achieving an erection due to medical issues like diabetes, prostate cancer or age a pump can help. When properly used, a penis pump is a highly recommended and safe way to get and maintain an erection.
First, apply a small amount of lubricant around the base of your penis. This will increase the comfort and give a better air seal. Another useful tip for increasing the air seal is to trim your pubic hair at the base of your penis. Next, place the cylinder over the penis and allow it to nestle snugly at the base of your penis. Pump the air out of the cylinder with the hand pump so that a vacuum is created. Do this slowly so blood vessels do not erupt. This process should not hurt. If you feel any discomfort stop using the penis vacuum pump. The vacuum that you have created draws blood into the penis, forcing it to become erect. Continue pumping the air out slowly and consistently until your penis becomes erect. Once your penis is fully erect, stop pumping and leave the penis pump in place for about 5 minutes to engorge it a little more with blood and then release the air.
Slide a well lubricated cock ring to the base of the penis to help maintain the erection. The cock ring keeps the blood in the penis and prevents it from losing the erection and your erection will last longer.

For Enlargement???? (Read carefully)
There are several schools of thought regarding penis pumps to enlarge your penis. In my opinion and my opinion only, using a pump to enlarge your penis a futile effort. There are more drawbacks than rewards. That said, “Penis pumps will give you an erection every time you use it by drawing blood into the penis through suction. With regular use, the tissue expands and breaks down repeatedly which may result in a more defined shaft. Just like bodybuilding, patience and proper technique are required before you see permanent results.” The operative words here are break down. If you are not careful, the tissues can be damaged permanently. Not exactly what you were going for. I have said it before and will say it again: the only sure fire way to get a larger penis is surgery and that has NO GUARENTEES.
If you need advice about penis pumps just call the store or stop in and we can help. We have several kinds available at Shadoe Intimates and we will help you find the right one for YOU.