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Fantasy Land!

Fantasy is the way to get what you want without getting in trouble. You can fantasize about threesomes, bondage, same sex or any other naughty thing. The best thing is that it is just that: a fantasy. It can stay in your head and never come out. Fantasies enhance your sexual experience. You can be whatever you want to: just close your eyes and dream.handcuffs
If you are comfortable with your partner, you can share and they can play into your fantasy. She can dress up as a school girl. He can pretend to be a TV repair man. You can tie him up or he can meet you in a bar. Being creative keeps your relationship fresh.
How can Shadoe Intimates help? We sell a full line of costumes, shoes, wigs and playthings. We also sell books with fantasy stories that you can use as inspiration. Come see how we can help.

Nana’s Naughty Knickers


Shadoe Intimates is pleased to be the sponsor of River City Players current production of Nana’s Naughty Knickers.  This is a lively romp into the world of sexy lingerie and comedy.



Ben Wah Balls

These are what Ben Wah Balls look like as the adult stimulator and kegel exerciser.
Two small metal balls are usually about .75 inches in diameter but can vary. 1 ben wah photos
They also come in glass silicone and plastic variations as well.
These are exercise balls only. DO NOT USE THEM DURING INTERCOURSE.
To remove Ben Wah Balls simply sit down or squat and push using your kegel muscles. If you having trouble removing them, try pushing as if you were having a bowel movement.
AGAIN, never use them during sexual intercourse as they could be pushed through your cervix and you will need to have them removed surgically.

The Best Playthings!

What is the best plaything in our store? Great question and one we hear all the time. So, the short answer is…. The one that gets the job do FOR YOU!
How do we help you find the perfect plaything? We LISTEN! No hard sell, no pushing a particular item, no commission sales, no pressure AT ALL! We want you to leave happy and if that means just some information to take home and mull over, that is what you will get. And you will get it with a smile, understanding and with the utmost discretion. So, if you have found a wonderful new product and you would like it brought in, we can do that. If you found a great product and we have tested it and think it is horrid, we will tell you. Our goal is, and always will be, your satisfaction: in the store and with your new plaything.
Kim, Victoria and Jami love working here. We are here for YOU and we appreciate your business. We want you to love spending time here too. We have been doing this for over 12 years so we must be doing something right but let us know if we can be better though: we are always willing to learn!

A Little About Kim

Not much to say about Me. I have a background in customer service from hotels to airlines and retail to tourism.

I started this business over 10 years ago with a lot of naivete. I opened Shadoe Intimates with my partner Ian.

Sadly he moved and I currently run it with the help of my wonderful staff and the support of the community of Campbell River.

As a past president of the Business and Professional Women’s Network,  and the Second Vice Chair of The Campbell River Chamber of Commerce I have the full support of all the businesses linked to these organizations.

Along with my accountants, legal help and media associates, I have managed to gain ground annually, growing the business to a point where it is a treasured part of the community. I have a lot of people to thank for all the help along the way and you know who you are…

This article appeared several years ago in the Mirror:  Kim did not write it but she loves it!

Shadoe Intimates Inc. newspaper article

Shadoe Intimates Inc. newspaper article

Victoria Hunt is Kim’s right arm and can help you with your plaything for your plaything.  What a treasure!  Come in and meet her!

We are located at:
249 10th Avenue (across from old the Galaxy Theatre)
Campbell River, BC V9W 4E4

Our hours of operation are 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.  We are closed Sundays and Holidays.
We open late or early for private shopping by appointment!
Call or fax us at: 250-286-0551
Or email us at: info@shadoeintimates.com
Click to view our location on Google Maps. Just a wee note: if you have Google Earth on your computer, type in our address, 249 10th Avenue, Campbell River, BC and you can look at the front of our store.

More about us…

Welcome to our new website blog page….  the photo at the top was taken by my son.  To see more of his work please click here. Sean St. Denis Photography.
We noticed that times are a changing and we decided to get Facile Web&Graphic to help us get on board with a better website.
Ours was pretty but not smart phone friendly so here we go. This one will allow us to post on social media and keep everyone up to date on all the platforms and even find us on the go.
So, just to remind everyone who we are…..
Shadoe Intimates is a brick and mortar store located in Campbell River, BC.  We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 5:30pm.
You can shop here for our favourite toys that are tried tested and true. Just click on the shopping tab at the top! We would love to sell you something online but we still prefer the personal contact and great customer service with our wonderful clients.
Open for over 10 years, Shadoe Intimates Inc. was founded by and is owned by Kim Jarvis. “My staff and I are dedicated to offering you a wide range of erotic and romantic products of all kinds, from lingerie to the most sophisticated intimate accessories.”
We also carry bras, wigs, shoes, games, DVD’s and costumes!
Located in downtown Campbell River, you can find Shadoe Intimates Inc on 10th Avenue, across from the Old Galaxy Theatre. There is plenty of parking and we offer wheelchair access and change rooms.
At Shadoe Intimates we pride ourselves on inspirational marketing and our intuition in determining customer trends.

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