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Shadoe Intimates will be closed today: Jan 6th.

I am taking the advise of the authorities today (and my hubby) to take the day off and stay off the roads.  Trust me… you don’t want me to be driving out there.

Last Minute Gift Needed?

Shadoe is sure to have a Plaything that will make your perfect plaything very happy this year. .

The Moxie, Rave, Chorus, Touch X, Tango X, Melt, Pivot and so many more!  Shadoe Intimates carries the full line of WE Vibes.  Drop in and get one for your Plaything! The WE Vibe collection is sure to please.

The Fuzzy Robe Saga

Well, they finally arrived.  Sent from where ever in August (supposedly) to be here Mid September.  Arrived in Vancouver on October 1st and sat in a container until November 15th.  And of course they had to go to the distributor in Quebec first.  Then they had to sort them and ship them. Then the floods so off they went on a cross country journey through the states to get back to BC.  But they are here and they are lovely and they are going fast so hurry in.

Only 49.99 each. They are long, have pockets, are super plush inside and out and have a cozy hood too! Sizes S/M and L/XL.  Happy to hold one for you if you call ahead!

ED? My thoughts…

I have spent a little time over the last few days talking to men in the store about sexual issues.  Some And while personal to each, none of them are exclusive.  

Many men asking me about erectile dysfunction and my take on all of it.  Just so you know, almost every man will experience ED at some time in their lives. It is more common than men realize.  ED can be caused by so many things, and it is important to seek professional medical advise.   The gravest issue is Prostate Cancer and men experiencing ED should have their prostate checked annually.  

Lately however, for many men, the issue is STRESS.  During this unprecedented time of COVID not seeing our friends and family and being locked away with our partners is putting stress on our valued relationships.  

So, find out what is causing your ED and once you are sure it is not a medical issue, let us fix it. 

  • Perhaps it is time to add some spice to your love life and give it a little kick start. Add in a bottle of flavoured lube, a cock ring, a WE Vibe, or a game.  
  • Take a vacation from your life.  Go stay at a hotel or if funds do not allow, try a night camping. 
  • Now that we can visit family, let someone else look after your children for a day, so you can go on a date.
  • Cook a unique meal together.  No ideas on what you can make: there are online companies that deliver all the ingredients.  
  • Do not like cooking at all?  Order a takeaway.  We have some amazing restaurants in town that really need your support. 
  • So that your stress levels do not peek again seek professional advise on how to manage it.  I personally find that journaling, talking to a friend, going for a walk, or watching a comic movie are all good stress relievers.  And of course…. So is SEX!  

Stop in and get some ideas at Shadoe.  We are all in this together.

Hello to my wonderful customers:

While COVID is here, my goal is to remain open to safely serve my community and all of you.
I want everyone to have access to amazing lingerie, men’s wear and fun playthings, BUT until the vaccines are jabbed in all of our arms, masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing are the only preventative measures that we can all take to limit the spread of this deadly disease.
To keep us all safe, masks are mandatory. I provide hand sanitizer, which is also mandatory.
I am doing my part and my job, along with sales, purchasing and everything else that goes along with running a business, is CLEANING.
Shadoe Intimates is open 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday through Saturday.
Private shopping experiences outside those hours are available by arrangement.
Stay safe out there everyone.

Valentines Week Hours

Shadoe Intimates will be open 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday February 9th to SUNDAY February 14th.  Just to make sure you have time to get that perfect plaything for the perfect someone!!!

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