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More About Silicone!!!

Silicone is considered one the most inert materials in the world

But now it has been shown that a few individuals may even be allergic to this inert substance.

Often domestic utensils are made of silicone as they have a very high heat threshold and other household items may have silicone to make the containers air tight, allow flexibility and be hypo allergenic. These silicone materials are not as pure as the medical quality silicone and therefore may produce more allergic reactions than the silicone of medical utility. Most high end playthings in our store are made with medical grade silicone.  The rest, as they are solids, have little or no breakdown capacity.

Shadoe Intimates Inc has been selling silicone lubrication and toys for over 10 years.  In that time we have met exactly ONE person that claimed to be allergic to silicone only to find that they were using their silicone toy with heating lube they got someplace else.  In our experience, silicone lube and playthings (while never used together) are safe and reliable.

Silicone appears in everything from soaps, nail polish, makeup, cap lids, toys (including children’s toys), cellular phones, chewing gum, processed food, and hand lotion. Typically, the allergy that is thought to be from silicone is from an additive used with the silicone, such as Latex.

The following are quotes from MD’s regarding the safety of silicone and the likelihood of allergic reactions.

“I have never read of an antibody to silicone in humans.  An antibody is a requirement for a true allergic reaction.  The body does recognize silicone as a foreign object which is why capsules form around breast implants.  Silicone does not have an organic moiety (an antigen) that triggers the body to produce an antibody.  Silicone is useful because the foreign body response is very tame.”(Vincent Zubowicz, MD)

“Silicone comes in different forms based on its molecular structure. This ranges from a low viscosity liquid form to a stable solid form. A true silicone allergy is very rare.” (David Bogue, MD)

Silicone toys are very safe and so is silicone lube as long as you do not use them together!