Fantasy Land!

Fantasy is the way to get what you want without getting in trouble. You can fantasize about threesomes, bondage, same sex or any other naughty thing. The best thing is that it is just that: a fantasy. It can stay in your head and never come out. Fantasies enhance your sexual experience. You can be whatever you want to: just close your eyes and dream.handcuffs
If you are comfortable with your partner, you can share and they can play into your fantasy. She can dress up as a school girl. He can pretend to be a TV repair man. You can tie him up or he can meet you in a bar. Being creative keeps your relationship fresh.
How can Shadoe Intimates help? We sell a full line of costumes, shoes, wigs and playthings. We also sell books with fantasy stories that you can use as inspiration. Come see how we can help.