Does Size Matter?

You bet it does: to the person looking at it, from right over top of it. That’s right, the GUY! Most men are obsessed by size. We are all effected by what we consider normal and most men are influenced by what they “think” is normal. Well according to most studies, normal is 5 to 7 inches. Penises vary in size, colour and shape. They are long, wide, short, thin and bent or straight. There is no standard. And thank the powers that be that they are, as women are all a bit different too, and even though a woman’s vagina can accommodate any size penis, penises are actually designed to “FIT”and “normal” just fits better.”

Nowomanlooksatsmallmanw, to make it better for any man that considers himself to be smaller than that guy in the shower: take note that most but not all men’s members at rest are smaller than when erect and if you are in the locker room with someone you consider huge, just remember that that will likely not get much bigger. But that little guy in the corner (you?) with a button on a fur coat look, will likely impress his lover when he gets aroused.
Remember, it is not the size that matters, but what you do with it.