Date Night

Wcouple-silhouettehen was the last time that you went on a date: with you current partner? A real date where you picked them up with flowers, taken them out to dinner or a picnic? When we get busy with life, we forget to keep the home fires burning. Most of us can remember what it was like when we first met. That anticipation; that wonder of what was going to happen next and can my heart be contained in my chest, this feels so darn good.
If you want that feeling again and want to rekindle love and romance, try going on a date. If you cannot find an idea of what to do, just watch a chick flick. They do it all the time in the movies. Of course you could always purchase the book, “101 Quickies” or “52 Weeks of Romance” from Shadoe Intimates. We also have a few games to ignite that inferno.