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Care and Feeding of your Playthings (toys)

We recommend using a toy cleaner, but if you choose not to purchase one you can use warm water and a bit of anti-bacterial soap. Air dry!

Most (but not all) silicone toys require a light dusting of talc (or even corn starch for people with sensitivity issues) after a wash and air dry to keep the smoothness of the silicone.

DO NOT use silicone lubricant on a silicone toy: Like will eat Like and you may wake up in the morning to your new toy melted into a pile of mush. Use only water based lube for a silicone toy!

DO NOT use Energizer, Duracell, or rechargeable batteries: toys have 1.5 V motors in them, and the batterystronger batteries are 1.9-2.0 V….this will cause your toys motor to burn out or not work at all….use cheaper batteries (nothing higher than 1.5V).But if you’d like to use the big name batteries we’d be happy to sell you a new toy!

DO NOT leave batteries in your toy after use. Remove them!
Also, waterproof does not mean hot tub safe. Your hot tub will EAT your toy.
If your toy came in a clam shell, keep it to store your toy. Soc fuzzies are no fun!