Date Night

Wcouple-silhouettehen was the last time that you went on a date: with you current partner? A real date where you picked them up with flowers, taken them out to dinner or a picnic? When we get busy with life, we forget to keep the home fires burning. Most of us can remember what it was like when we first met. That anticipation; that wonder of what was going to happen next and can my heart be contained in my chest, this feels so darn good.
If you want that feeling again and want to rekindle love and romance, try going on a date. If you cannot find an idea of what to do, just watch a chick flick. They do it all the time in the movies. Of course you could always purchase the book, “101 Quickies” or “52 Weeks of Romance” from Shadoe Intimates. We also have a few games to ignite that inferno.

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Does Size Matter?

You bet it does: to the person looking at it, from right over top of it. That’s right, the GUY! Most men are obsessed by size. We are all effected by what we consider normal and most men are influenced by what they “think” is normal. Well according to most studies, normal is 5 to 7 inches. Penises vary in size, colour and shape. They are long, wide, short, thin and bent or straight. There is no standard. And thank the powers that be that they are, as women are all a bit different too, and even though a woman’s vagina can accommodate any size penis, penises are actually designed to “FIT”and “normal” just fits better.”

Nowomanlooksatsmallmanw, to make it better for any man that considers himself to be smaller than that guy in the shower: take note that most but not all men’s members at rest are smaller than when erect and if you are in the locker room with someone you consider huge, just remember that that will likely not get much bigger. But that little guy in the corner (you?) with a button on a fur coat look, will likely impress his lover when he gets aroused.
Remember, it is not the size that matters, but what you do with it.

Safe Sex

I can never say enough about having safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent now than ever before. So many of my customers tell me that they don’t use condoms because “that doesn’t happen to people my age” or “I am only sleeping with one person” Well, guess what? Anyone can contract a sexually transmitted disease and you may only be sleeping with one person but you are actually sleeping with EVERY person that that person has ever slept with.

Testing in Canada is free. You need only go to your doctor and ask. Once you are both considered clear (don’t take their word for it – look at the report) and YOU are monogamous (that means just ONE partner) and you are absolutely certain that THEY are monogamous (still one partner dude) can you even consider condom free sex. That covers the disease part, not the pregnancy part.
To prevent pregnancy, use a condom. They are not 100% but if used correctly, you should not find yourself in the family way. If you are monogamous partners, you can use any prescribed method of birth control you receive from your doctor. The ONLY sure way of avoiding pregnancy is celibacy. Not much fun, but neither is raising an unwanted child. Sex used be fun and worry free but not any more. Wrap it up.
The pill is only a contraceptive not a deterrent for disease transmission. Again, wrap it up.

Just a wee tidbit: A condom will fit over any vegetable including a watermelon. DID YOU KNOW? So a large condom may be more comfortable but not needed unless you are a giant. If you are not giant sized it may slip off during the act and then you could get sick or she could get pregnant and then you will have a giant problem.

What is your partner really saying?

QuestionmarkMany of us have difficulty talking openly and honestly with our partner about sex. And while the spotlight is usually on the person doing the talking, being on the receiving end of a sex talk can also be anxiety provoking. One result of all this sex talk discomfort is that when we do finally get around to talking, we aren’t that clear about explaining or listening to each other. Consider it a huge game of broken telephone — only it’s not a game, and the quality and health of your sex life depends on it.

So today lets work on fixing the broken telephone you’ve been using when it comes to your sex life. As a first step, consider these three statements that are true of all types of communication, including sex talk:
• What you want to say may be very different from what you actually say.
• What you actually say may be very different from what your partner thinks you said.
• Both you and your partner hear things through your own personal and complicated filters, and this influences what you hear probably as much as what the other person is actually saying.

Let’s see how this works in real life:
You might want to say: ”I don’t think we’re having enough sex.”
But what you actually say is something less direct, like this: “Why don’t we have more sex?” or ”I wish you weren’t so turned off by having sex with me.”
Your partner may interpret that as you saying: “There’s something wrong with you because you don’t want to have sex when I do.” or ”I want to have sex with other people.”

With all this confusion, where do you even start? Not surprisingly, you need to begin at the beginning. Make sure that what you say comes out clearly and that what your partner hears matches closely, if not exactly, with what you intended to convey. It’s a process called reflecting.
All you do is agree to let each person talk without being interrupted. Once one person is done, the other person repeats back what they heard, as accurately as possible. This isn’t an easy thing to do. It can feel silly and awkward, and it takes some back and forth before you both agree that what was heard is the same as what was said. Once you’ve reached an agreement, switch roles. The other person now gets to talk about how they are feeling, and the first person does the reflecting.
You can either set time aside to try this with your partner. Or, the next time you’re having what feels like an important conversation, stop and give this a try.
At first, reflecting back what your partner just said before you respond can seem painfully slow, especially when all you really want to do is defend yourself and move on. But as you practice, you’ll both get better. Plus, it can be a good thing to be forced to slow down in a conversation. In the end, you both benefit when you both get heard and feel as if you’ve been given the opportunity to say what you feel.
The next step is getting better at saying what you mean. Practice practice practice.


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The Sticky and the Slick

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What’s the BIG difference Between Water Based and Silicone Lube? What the heck is oil based lube? Can I use massage oil as lube? Is Anal Lube any different from Regular Lube?

Lube is a wonderful thing and there are three kinds: Oil, water based and silicone. Oil based lubes tend to bead up when in contact with water and since a women’s natural fluids are most like water, they bead up all the time. They are also hard to wash off and are not safe with some toys. Water based lubes are wonderful and come in a variety of styles including glycerin free (attributed to yeast infections in some women). Water based lubes are safe for all playthings, are reinvigorated with just a bit of water and can be used by most people. Still read the ingredient list though because they are all a little different.

Silicone lubes are man-made and go on forever. However, silicone lubes cannot be used with silicone toys like the WE Vibe or Lelo but is can be used for a lot of other things besides sex: great for massages as it goes on forever, fixes squeaky doors, silences loud fan parts, feels great on hot days on sticky personal parts and no one on earth is allergic to it. So if you are reaching for a lube in the dark and want to play with your LELO or WE vibe, make sure you keep the water based lube close at hand.

At Shadoe Intimates Inc we carry the best available in water based and silicone lubes like O’My, Jo, ID Glyde, Pink, Hathor, Wet and the list goes on. Come on in and get the best advice at Shadoe Intimates Inc.
We do not carry anal lube that numbs! Why you ask? If you are numbing your anal area and something tears during your encounter you may not feel it and continue on as if nothing is wrong. You ARE dealing with feces and if something gets into the little tear, you could end up with a nasty infection. So, no numbing for our clients. Our main goal is safe sex.
We also do not carry any lubes that heat up. Adding heat to a hot spot makes just more heat and heat is the main cause of yeast infections. If you want a heating lube, find one at the pharmacy and right next to it is the anti-fungal cream you will need to fight the yeast infection, so pick up a bit of that too so you won’t have to drive back down with itchy privates.
Oh, and can I use olive, almond or walnut oil? Sure when you are making a salad! Some people swear by natural oils but they can cause some of the same issues like blockages of those natural lubricating producers.

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