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It has come to this….

Masks must be worn in the store.  There will be a limited number of customers allowed in the store.  Social distancing prevails.

Crack open the door and check to see if you can come in!


The store…. so pretty!!

My panorama taken today.  It does not do it justice.  Carpets cleaned, everything rearranged.  So easy to see everything and full access to the lingerie (change rooms still by appointment though cause the rules for that is a whole lotta weird!)

Why only 3 hours?

People keep asking for the reasons I am only open from 11 am to 2 pm.

I am trying to follow the guidelines from the CDC, Work Safe and Bonnie Henry.

I am trying not to encourage people to be out there ALL day.

It is steady busy but not crazy busy. If you cannot make it in during those hours, I am still doing deliveries or private shopping.

And the real reason is that I can only be a b*tch for 3 hours. That is my limit on asking people to wait outside please, sanitize your hands please, step back please, sorry no, you cannot come behind the counter, sorry no, the change rooms are by appointment only, please try not to touch the counter. Everything you touch must be sanitized.

Three hours is enough to make me feel like a bossy bee-atch. So until we can stop social distancing and hug, I will have to keep it to 3 hours a day.

Remember my goal is your safety (and my sanity)!!


Call 250-286-0551 or message on FB.

Appointments available Tuesday thru Saturday.

Open Limited Hours


Shadoe is open for limited hours

11am to 2 pm. Tuesday thru Saturday

Hours could change depending on demand.


  • One customer at a time. Please wait outside until the customer before you leaves the store.
  • Change rooms will be closed for now.
  • Contactless payment preferred.
  • Social distancing and use of masks preferred.
  • Enhanced cleaning implemented.


I am working non stop to get the store up and running again.
I have been doing free home delivery.
Reopening June 2nd or sooner!
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 11 am to 2 pm.
Safe curb side pickup available.
Things will be very different in this “new normal”.
Limiting the number of customers, following CDC and Work Safe social distancing guidelines.
Implementation of enhanced cleaning, barriers and staff PPE.
Store layout reconfiguration to offer “complete service”.
The change rooms will be closed for now and browsing will be limited.
Monitored reduced hours.
The goal is to ensure that both your safety and mine are guaranteed.
I am waiting on PPE. Will keep you posted.


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, to protect ourselves, our wonderful customers and our amazing delivery drivers, we have CLOSED TEMPORARILY. We are monitoring the situation closely and will reopen when the government advises that it is safe to do so.

We are happy to take phone orders for any product that you need and we will even deliver it within the Campbell River City limits.  Please call 250-286-0551.  This too could change but we want our customers to be HEALTHY and happy.

Stay well everyone

Kim and Victoria

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