More About Silicone!!!

Silicone is considered one the most inert materials in the world

But now it has been shown that a few individuals may even be allergic to this inert substance.

Often domestic utensils are made of silicone as they have a very high heat threshold and other household items may have silicone to make the containers air tight, allow flexibility and be hypo allergenic. These silicone materials are not as pure as the medical quality silicone and therefore may produce more allergic reactions than the silicone of medical utility. Most high end playthings in our store are made with medical grade silicone.  The rest, as they are solids, have little or no breakdown capacity.

Shadoe Intimates Inc has been selling silicone lubrication and toys for over 10 years.  In that time we have met exactly ONE person that claimed to be allergic to silicone only to find that they were using their silicone toy with heating lube they got someplace else.  In our experience, silicone lube and playthings (while never used together) are safe and reliable.

Silicone appears in everything from soaps, nail polish, makeup, cap lids, toys (including children’s toys), cellular phones, chewing gum, processed food, and hand lotion. Typically, the allergy that is thought to be from silicone is from an additive used with the silicone, such as Latex.

The following are quotes from MD’s regarding the safety of silicone and the likelihood of allergic reactions.

“I have never read of an antibody to silicone in humans.  An antibody is a requirement for a true allergic reaction.  The body does recognize silicone as a foreign object which is why capsules form around breast implants.  Silicone does not have an organic moiety (an antigen) that triggers the body to produce an antibody.  Silicone is useful because the foreign body response is very tame.”(Vincent Zubowicz, MD)

“Silicone comes in different forms based on its molecular structure. This ranges from a low viscosity liquid form to a stable solid form. A true silicone allergy is very rare.” (David Bogue, MD)

Silicone toys are very safe and so is silicone lube as long as you do not use them together!

Let’s talk lube… again!

If you don’t already know, we are extremely selective on what lubes we carry.

We will never stock KY Jelly for example. Why you might ask? It contains Glycerin which breaks down to sugars and may cause yeast infections and other unpleasant things like bacterial vaginosis. Even if you have never had an issue with it yourself, we will not special order or stock it ever.

Same goes with warming, cooling, numbing and tingling lubes…. Don’t get us started. You only get one body and tinkering with your natural PH and messing with infections can cause long term damage to your reproductive bits. We will always put your sexual and overall heath ahead of a sale. Shadoe Intimates takes pride in that

We carry a large selection of lubes that ARE Shadoe approved and are always happy to help find you the right one to work in harmony with your needs.

We just had a Hathor restock of Sutil which is a very natural Water Based option that’s made in BC! Check it out if you are looking to try something new!

Please always read ingredients and be aware of what you are putting in your body. Do your own research and know that just because you can buy something, doesn’t mean it is good for you. Tingling lube is next to the antifungals in the drug store for a reason. Makes it nice and easy to purchase both to save yourself a trip.

MyPakage for Christmas

…Or anytime! We have a huge selection of MyPakage.  Wrap up your man in the most comfortable underwear in Canada. The new colours are arriving weekly.

Why online shopping is not as great as you think!

So, you think you can get a better deal online? 

No problem, but consider this…. when you search for something online, your browser and hundreds of algorithms are watching, recording and evaluating what you look for.  So, search for a FIST, PUSSY, VAGINA, PENIS or TESTICLES? Your browser is deciding that you are looking for SEX.  Yup sex, and then you get a multitude of offers for pills to enlarge your junk, creams to make your bits tighter and offers for pretty girls to hook up with that are actually 60-year-old men in prison.

When you do decide to share your intimate desires and order what you think is some great product only to discover that the 4-inch-long silicone dildo you wanted is actually made of oriental silicone (what ever that is) and is 4 inches WIDE.

Or how about this:  It is 6 weeks until that important day and you need lingerie.  You order it online only to panic three days before the day looking at an empty mailbox. Or you do receive it only to find it would barely fit a four-year-old, is the wrong colour and has no zipper.

How can we help?  At Shadoe Intimates, you look at what you want, touch it, get great advice on the best products and leave today with your personal product in your hand, perfect fit, perfect product and no one the wiser.  Better to shop locally, be happy and safe, help our community survive, and not inadvertently appear in an on line anti-pedophile campaign. You never know!!!

We Vibe Jive


We-Vibe Jive details! In store now!Its $130 and has a 2 Year Warranty.

Jive by We-Vibe™ is a Bluetooth controlled vibrating egg. It is discreet, whisper-quiet and comfortable to wear. Control Jive with the free We-Connect™ app for hands-free pleasure.

It is comfortable to wear while lying, sitting, standing or walking, and the rumbley vibrations can be controlled by you or your partner regardless of distance with the free We-Connect™ app.

Intensify the pleasure with 10+ modes and deep powerful vibrations.

Made of silky smooth body-safe silicone.

With the free We-Connect™ app you can play and share control of Jive from anywhere, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe® products.

USB rechargeable
Convenient and E co-friendly, Jive is rechargeable and lasts for up to 2 hours of play on a single charge. No need for costly and wasteful disposable batteries.

Jive is 100% waterproof, making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

Low power alert
Know when your vibrator needs a charge so that it’s ready when you are.

New MyPakage Styles

MyPakage has outdone itself this season with new, amazing styles.

Look at those deer!!!

Fit Fully Yours Bras Are Back

We are delighted to carry our old favourite, Fit Fully Yours Bras.  A Canadian company with lovey designs, colours and a full range of sizes up to 50 and cup sizes up to L.  We will be carrying several of their styles including Maxine….

And Elizabeth….


Special orders are welcome of course.   And we still carry a lovely assortment of Montelle styles as well.

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